Sustaining Partner Spotlight: Bernstein Shur (October 2017)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 1:14 PM | Melissa Winne

Bernstein Shur loves what they do and are passionate about every part of it. Their experienced, interdisciplinary energy practice helps clients throughout New England and around the world navigate every part of energy generation and distribution. As part of the legal team, they will ensure your energy project runs like a closed circuit: seamlessly, and with an uninterrupted flow. That way, when it’s finally time for you to flip the switch, everything just works.

In response to the 1978 passage of PURPA, Maine began to restructure its energy markets. The origin of Bernstein Shur’s energy practice was in navigating through Maine’s restructuring process, as the market opened for independent generators to permit, build and operate generating facilities throughout the state.

Since that time, they have represented almost every independent generator across the state, from hydro to biomass to waste-to-energy to wind to solar. They have always been on the cutting edge of energy issues in Maine, from the waste-to-energy facilities in the 1980s and 1990s, all the way to the present, in which their subsidiary successfully pairs fleets of vehicles with biogas throughout the country under the EPA’s RIN program, as their clients lead the nation in merchant transmission installations.

While always looking to mitigate controversy, they specialize in highly controversial energy development projects – Maine has a unique political culture, and their lawyers, in addition to being technically proficient, focus on the practical, the cost-effective, and the human element of obtaining their clients’ goals. Having seen every possible type of objection to an energy project, they pride themselves on being adept at diffusing tension, creative problem solving, prioritizing legal issues, and being efficient with limited development dollars to achieve a financeable project.

While Bernstein Shur will zealously defend their clients’ projects and priorities (and have successfully litigated on their behalf), they are, at their core, deal lawyers – they want to get your project a “yes” – from the public, from the regulators, from your vendors, your lenders, and your investors.

In addition to subject matter expertise, they are experts in collaboration. Their level of experience affords them with close, positive, working relationships with in-house counsel, outside counsel, other local counsel, and consultants. In their team you will find a cohesive team of dedicated, fun individuals who love their particular role in Maine and New England’s energy markets.

Bernstein Shur joined E2Tech as a Sustaining Leader in 2017.

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