Maine Continues Ascent in 2017 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index (July 2017)

Thursday, July 13, 2017 10:37 AM | Melissa Winne

The 2017 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index - a data-based comparison of all 50 states among 80 technology, capital, and policy indicators - finds that Maine improved its overall ranking from 18th to 16th since 2016, and surged ahead 13 places since 2014. Data is included on clean electricity and transportation; energy intelligence and green buildings, government regulations, mandates, and incentives; and financial, human, and intellectual capital. Findings for Maine across indicators show the following: 

  • Overall: In 2016, Maine was ranked 18th; in 2017, Maine is ranked 16th (improved 2 spots).
  • Technology: In 2016, Maine was ranked 9th; in 2017, Maine is still ranked 9th (no change).
  • Policy: In 2016, Maine was ranked 19th; in 2017, Maine is ranked 20th (declined 1 spot).
  • Capital: In 2016, Maine was ranked 25th; in 2017, Maine is ranked 18th (improved 7 spots).

According to the Index, in the technology category, “Arizona, Maine, and Massachusetts started from the middle of the pack and have steadily evolved into category leaders over the last eight years…” Maine also shows great improvement in the capital category this year. The full report can be downloaded here.

According to E2Tech Executive Director Jeff Marks, “Maine has tremendous assets in its renewable resources. Over half of Maine's net electricity generation comes from wind, hydro, and biomass. Land-based wind turbines are providing power throughout New England and nearly 150 gigawatts of offshore wind potential exist off our coast, enough to power the State 70 times over. Maine is a global leader in tidal energy and is densely forested with 90% of its land covered with trees and a ready export market for woody biomass. States like Maine are making incremental cleantech progress through local development of energy resources and technologies, while also creating expertise and services that are exportable on a global scale.”

Marks credited leading Maine businesses and technologies, like Ocean Renewable Power Company’s tidal and river energy systems, Pika Energy’s clean power electronics, Rapport’s sustainability software, and Surge Hydro’s innovative dam facilities for enabling the growth of the sector but cautioned that “Maine must retain its leadership position through continued policy support for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmental initiatives, even in the face of political and policy headwinds from Washington DC. Certainty in the policy framework, as well as smart business and economic development planning, helps steer private investment to innovation in the cleantech sector. But, for now, we’re thrilled that our progress in the cleantech sector is once again being recognized on a national scale!”

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